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calls and leaves no message by IP address 162.135.162.#September 4th
Said they were from Socal Edison bill collections and wanted a payment. by IP address 72.67.72.#September 3rd to be in military... by IP address 173.160.173.#August 30th
Person(s) calling leaving message to call the above number due to legal or arrest issue. They are requesting the individual return call to this number asking for address, social security number, etc. Callers have speak broken English and claim to be an "officer." by IP address 66.117.66.#September 10th
Keeps calling my house all different times of the day. Filed a harassment report with local authorities. It is the best way to get something done. Also file report on do not call list. by IP address 71.2.71.#July 9th
Calls and never leaves a message. I never answer ANY call unless I know the number. Don't assume these are debt collectors. I don't owe anyone anything and yet these people call.Call your phone company, and if they can't/won't install call blocking for FREE, insists they give you FREE caller id. Why should you pay them to be harrassed??? by IP address 184.9.184.#June 20th
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Tagged as [Safe] by IP address 174.192.174.#February 20th
Received text from this number with a "security code" which would expire in 10 minutes, as if someone was trying to sign into one of my accounts with additional sign-in security. by IP address 172.58.172.#February 20th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 172.58.172.#February 20th
Tagged as [Safe] by IP address 97.90.97.#February 19th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 174.112.174.#February 19th
Fake number when you try to call back. by IP address 172.58.172.#February 18th
Scammer by IP address 13.90.13.#February 17th
I have never spent a dime on amazon. Complete scam using amazon rewards package and wanting address confirmation. It was a text message sent by +13235415997 This is entire message sent february 16,2020 12:02 A.M.---- SHIPMENT ALERT: Rachel, please confirm the address details for package ID:61-47L4 HERE: Sender: AMAZON REWARDS. by IP address 66.211.66.#February 16th
he is scammer by IP address 175.176.175.#February 13th
Call hang ip by IP address 107.77.107.#February 13th
Loan scam. "We have been trying to reach you..." Robo call by IP address 71.31.71.#February 5th
Rude Jerk-Face prejudice superficial bias lowlife by IP address 74.230.74.#February 4th
This is a scam / pholsing call. They say they are from the legal dept of social security and ask you to press one to talk to an agent. This number and one other from 705 area code should be shut down!!! 17059823934 . 17053807962 . thx Dave by IP address 142.59.142.#February 3rd
Harrassing me for clear loan didnt have no info for me no documents very arrogant when I refused to give them money they grew angry by IP address 108.66.108.#December 24th
Don’t know this number, so I didn’t answer. They left a message, but it was in mandarin or Cantonese. I don’t speak any of those languages. Scam number. by IP address 74.15.74.#December 23rd
Consistent calls about a credit card. Asking for card information when I do not own one. When asked to stop calling they proceeded to tell me "I call because I like you." And continued asking for credit card information. by IP address 107.242.107.#December 16th
Person called in regards to a bill, once she could not collect it she proceeded to call me a broke bitch and insult me on not having good credit. by IP address 24.52.24.#December 16th
Annoying early morning calls from this number. Complete scam by IP address 146.168.146.#December 15th
named themselves an online store. I transferred £ 55 for the item. money disappeared goods I did not receive. the store is gone too. i email is not responding. Hallo Aliona, vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung im Wert von €54,98 von stydeal. Wir werden Sie benachrichtigen, sobald Ihre Bestellung versendet wurde. Bestellung ansehen (#1436): by IP address 89.117.89.#December 14th
Scam calls by IP address 218.212.218.#December 14th
They called stating my SS# was being used in south texas.They asked me questions and immediately hung up on me, when i called back it wouldn't go through. I called my life lock to inform them of what occurred in case someone was trying to use my SS#. It is such a shame that we constantly need to be on alert because of all the dishonest people in this world. by IP address 75.58.75.#December 13th
This caller is threatening legal action against me, saying I need to contact their company. The number is from Texas, and I live in Florida. by IP address 173.171.173.#December 11th
Annoying phone call and I'm living in Quebec City in Canada by IP address 24.225.24.#December 11th
An electronic message is attached to this phone number that regards a vehicle warranty and others. It does not honor the request to be on the do not call list,instead harassing calls are continually generated from this number. It offers an initial message with instructions, then turns silent followed with a hanging-up, continually. by IP address 73.6.73.#December 9th
this is one of scum numbers in Ohaio, have few more by IP address 72.139.72.#December 7th